About Dr. Engelman

Dr. Robin Engelman is a licensed psychologist with more than twenty years of clinical experience. In addition to a thriving private practice, she has worked in prisons, drug rehabilitation centers and has run mental health clinics. She has also appeared as a featured psychologist on an Oprah Winfrey Network series. As an addiction specialist, Dr. Engelman has the expertise to help create good habits as well as break bad ones.

Dr. Engelman first became interested in Happiness research while working with ‘lifers’ in a maximum-security prison. Her first assignment was counseling inmates on the “Honor Yard”,  a privileged yard for inmates with good behavior. These guys had figured out how to thrive in (what we would think of as) Hell. They walked with pep in their step, they smiled, they were often generous and kind.

She was intrigued. If they can be happy, why can’t we? She began looking closely at their behavior, choices and attitudes, and indeed there was something there. She has since found the reason these men were able to thrive in such an unstimulating setting. Happier is not something to pursue, it is something to decide and then practice.

For the past 12 years, She has researched the science of happiness and found the simple life hacks to a happier life. It has shaped how she approaches her own well-being as well as helping with theirs. As an addiction specialist, she also uses her expertise in cognitive behavioral science and habit formation to help her clients create new healthier routines.

By pairing these two modalities – science-based ways to improve happiness with evidence-based habit formation techniques – she has enjoyed positive results in individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, drug rehabilitation centers, and mental health clinics.

Instead of helping people become less unhappy, she helps people choose and practice happier. All from lessons, she learned on the Big Yard.




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