Happier Hour is a workplace benefit program developed by Robin Engelman, PhD, that curates the most effective, science-based practices to improve well-being. It delivers practical advice, habit-forming skills, and shortcuts to make “happier” a daily habit.


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  • Lowers employee anxiety
  • Lowers employee stress
  • Quantifiably increases daily well-being and overall life satisfaction


  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved workplace culture
  • Decreased turnover
  • Decreased absenteeism

Can You Really Change How Happy You Are?

Yes. Surprisingly your life circumstances – wealth, marital status, employment, location account for only a small part of your well-being. While approximately 50% of your happiness is determined by your genetics, research shows what you do and think has a surprisingly big impact on how happy you are. With some effort, you can be HAPPIER!

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The Scale of Positive and Negative Experience (SPANE) measures recent experience of emotions and the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) measures longer term life satisfaction.



Based on Cognitive Behavioral Science & Positive Psychology


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Our Happier Clients

Testimonials from recent attendees of an employee group workshops held at their Los Angeles office location.

“I showed up for the workshop in a bad mood and walked out feeling so much better. Dr. Engelman presents things in a smart but simple way that anyone can follow. Her classes are fun and interesting and practical. You’ll walk out with tools that will immediately help you feel happier.” Tunde I.

Small Business Owner, Los Angeles

“As a doctor, I steer my patients clear from self-help advice that lacks scientific basis and can actually be counter-productive. That said I found Dr. Engelman’s workshop to be thoroughly researched and presented. Moreover, she focuses on easy-to-master practices that increase joy. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!”

Elian P.

Physician, Santa Monica

“Everyone can use a dose of happiness and Happier Hour delivers by offering a fun, easy to access technique. Busy people can get overwhelmed when presented with yet another tool for improved quality of life. But, the technique Dr. Engelman presents is digestible, memorable and works immediately. After taking a class, people leave with a smile and a lighter step.”

Suzy S.

Business Operations Manager, Santa Monica

“I am most comfortable with logic and science and the workshop gave me practical tools to make a difference in my life.”

Chintan S.

Software Engineer, Playa Vista

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